Project Flagging Pink Hard Hat Campaign Honors the Memory of Sharon Burns

So many families are affected by breast cancer, and Maine Staffing Group’s own Project Flagging family was impacted when their long-time former Field Coordinator, Norman Burns’s wife Sharon succumbed to the disease in August of 2015.

During this past October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Maine Staffing Group invited their flaggers in Maine and New Hampshire to participate in a Pink Hard Hat fundraising campaign. All proceeds from the campaign were matched by Project Flagging and were donated to the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition in Sharon’s name. All flaggers received a pink hard hat to wear for the month of October to show their support.

Maine Breast Cancer Coalition is grateful for the generosity of Maine Staffing Group and all of the flaggers who took part in the Project Flagging Pink Hard Hat campaign. Our hearts go out to Sharon Burns’s family and friends. We are honored to accept the $5,000 donation to our Support Service Fund in Sharon's name.

Top photo:
left to right: Richard Holden, Maine Staffing Group Managing Partner; Ursula H. Bernier, Northern Regional Manager; Barbara Mahoney, Managing Partner; Laurel Bezanson, MBCC volunteer; Mark Burns, Managing Partner; Shannon Strickland, Southern Regional Manager 

Photos below: Sharon and Norman Burns; Project Flagging Pink Hard Hat Campaign Kickoff 

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