Hannaford Supermarkets: Long-term Supporters of MBCC

In recognition of “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” this past October, Hannaford supermarkets throughout Maine made it easy for their customers to help individuals with breast cancer or breast health-related needs.

For the second consecutive year, during October, Maine Hannaford customers were able to donate $2 or $5 at the register of their local stores, raising $3,320 for the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition’s Support Service Fund. In addition, the Bangor Hannaford office raised $1,180 in donations.

Hannaford matched $2,500 of these donations, bringing the total to $7,000.

Maine Breast Cancer Coalition is grateful to Hannaford Supermarkets for their support and to all the generous shoppers who made donations. These donations will make a difference in the lives of Maine residents in need.

Photo: MBCC volunteers and Bangor Hannaford store managers. Left to right: Christine Haiss, MBCC board and Support Service Fund committee; Carol Beagan, MBCC treasurer and Support Service Fund committee; John Ivey, Union St. store manager; Paul Messer, Broadway store manager 

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