Have Lots of Returnable Bottles and Cans This Holiday Season?

Hannaford Community Cash powered by CLYNK
Please show your support for the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition by donating your returnable bottles and cans to us through the Hannaford Community Cash program.

What is CLYNK? It is a bottle redemption system run by a Maine recycling company and offered only in Hannaford supermarkets. Their mission is to make recycling easier for customers and at the same time, have a very educational and environmental focus.

It's easy as 1-2-3 to take part! Visit the CLYNK fundraising page here; type "Maine Breast Cancer Coalition" into the Search field. You can donate to MBCC from your existing CLYNK account, or follow the easy instructions for new users to open an account.

If you prefer not to open a CLYNK account, but would still like to donate your returnables to the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition, please click here to contact us by email. We can provide you with CLYNK collection bags that have our CLYNK tag on them. Once full, return them to any participating Hannaford and they will credit the MBCC account with the amount redeemed from that bag.

Thanks for your support!

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