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Second Annual “Think BEYOND Pink” Luncheon: Friday, October 9 in Caribou

Cary Medical Center’s Pink Aroostook and Healthy You programs are partnering to rally Aroostook communities to “Think BEYOND Pink” this October at the second annual luncheon event to be held on Friday, October 9 at the Caribou Inn and Convention Center. In addition to a fantastic buffet lunch, guests will enjoy fabulous door prizes and amazing guest speakers. They will leave the event empowered and equipped with information on how to do more for the breast cancer cause than buy pink ribbon products this October. Attendees will also learn some simple dietary changes that can be implemented to decrease their personal risk for some breast cancers.

Bethany Zell, Pink Aroostook Director and President of the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition, will briefly share about her breast cancer advocacy work and provide information about how to get involved and do more to help end breast cancer. As Maine’s Field Coordinator and Team Leader for the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC), Bethany has represented Maine in Washington, DC, and throughout our state for the NBCC’s Breast Cancer Deadline 2020 campaign. Her passion and unwavering dedication to this cause will inspire and motivate luncheon attendees to “Think BEYOND Pink” when they think about breast cancer.

The keynote speaker at the luncheon will be Dr. Susan Silberstein, PhD, Founder and Executive Director of Center for Advancement in Cancer Education. Dr. Silberstein’s non-profit is committed to providing expert one-on-one, individualized nutritional, immunological, and psychological guidance to their clients facing cancer. Sharing on the topic of “Breast Cancer: The Diet Connection", Dr. Silberstein will outline easy and vital steps you can take to prevent breast cancer, its recurrence, or support yourself during or after treatment. Based on scientific evidence and over 30 years of experience, she will also share with us about powerful anti-cancer foods, dietary fats, how to boost immunity with your fork, and more.

A portion of the $20 admission will be used to support Pink Aroostook, a county-wide breast health program, and breast health initiatives throughout Aroostook County.

To register or for more information, please call or email Bethany Zell, Pink Aroostook Director, by Friday, October 2, at 207-498-1361 or


Waterville “Pink In the Street” October Events to Benefit MBCC
Allied Health Advantage (AHA) of Waterville, in cooperation with KV Crossfit, will be sponsoring “Pink In The Street” in Waterville this October. Part of this fundraiser will be a competition at the AHA gym on October 17th.

Also, Allied Health Advantage will invite members of the community to choose a way to donate to MBCC during October through an activity of their choice.

AHA is planning to encourage support from Waterville businesses by asking them to donate a $50.00 minimum donation, placing a large pink ribbon in their windows, and participating in a window-decorating competition.

For more information, contact Nancy Beadling at Allied Health Advantage at 680-9155, or email her at


Ride To Wellness Program: Transportation Assistance to Breast Cancer Treatment-Penobscot, Piscataquis, or Knox County Residents
If you or someone you know is in need of diagnostic services or has been diagnosed with breast cancer and lives in Penobscot, Piscataquis, or Knox County, the Ride to Wellness program can help ease some of the burden and stress.

Penquis/The Lynx and CancerCare of Maine have joined forces to provide transportation services or mileage reimbursement for medical treatment of breast cancer, including diagnostic services, chemotherapy, radiation, support groups, and more. Lynx volunteer drivers can pick up individuals at their homes and bring them to treatment. The program also provides mileage reimbursement at 21 cents per mile for those who transport themselves; also friends or family who transport.

There is no income level requirement.
The Ride to Wellness Program is funded by Susan G. Komen Maine® and the Maine Cancer Foundation.

For more information call The Lynx at 973-3695 or 1-866-853-5969.       


"Breast Cancer Risk Factors" video from National Breast Cancer Coalition

Click here to view an informative video, "Breast Cancer Risk Factors" from the National Breast Cancer Coalition.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Cancer in America" Guide and Video is committed to bringing today’s most pressing local, national, and global health issues to the forefront of public discourse. They recently published a summary report of the state of cancer in America. From the report: "Although cancer takes many forms, there are four that claim the lives of over a quarter of a million Americans every year: breast, prostate, lung, and colon/rectum."

Click here to view's guide and short animated video, Cancer in America.

More about

" is an independent, trusted source of public health information and resources, believing there's never been a more important time to reduce confusion and uncertainties surrounding healthcare. Featured on a number of government and education websites, is dedicated to connecting patients, students, and professionals to the latest and most useful healthcare information and resources available."


Valley of Hope: Reflections by Breast Cancer Survivors and Their Families and Friends
In May 2007, Fish River Rural Health (FRRH) in Eagle Lake, Maine started a breast cancer support group called “The Journey.”  The idea for a book began at that first meeting after the participants heard many inspiring, heartfelt stories about courage by survivors and their families. Nearly three years later, the idea became a reality with the publication of Valley of Courage: Reflections by Breast Cancer Survivors and their Families.  

In 2014, a second book, Valley of Hope: Reflections by Breast Cancer Survivors and Their Families and Friends, was published.

Those who contributed to the book hope the stories will inspire and provide guidance for others journeying through breast cancer and their families. The powerful stories send messages of faith, hope, strength, courage and the importance of community, family and friends. The book allows readers an opportunity to connect through the stories with courageous individuals who live in the St. John Valley in Maine or have connections to the Valley. 

One hundred percent of the proceeds from book sales go directly to FRRH’s Breast Cancer Support Group, “The Journey.”

Ordering information:

To order a copy, please contact Joni Michaud of Fish River Rural Health at or 207-444-5973. Books ordered through the FRRH are at a discounted price of only $10 per copy plus shipping. FRRH is also offering a bundle with both the Valley of Courage and Valley of Hope books for $18. (For Eagle Lake area residents, there are no shipping costs if arrangements can be made for pickup.)

The books may also be ordered through Amazon.


Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation Health of Women Study
The Health Of Women (HOW) Study is a first-of-its-kind international online study for women and men with and without a history of breast cancer.

The Study is being conducted at the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, in collaboration with City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center.

What is the Health of Women Study?

From the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation website:

"The majority of women who get breast cancer have none of the known clinical risk factors. This means we don’t know what causes breast cancer or how to prevent it.

The HOW Study is a first-of-its-kind international online study for women and men with and without a history of breast cancer. We will collect information about your health, your job, your diet, and your family history, among other topics that can help us get a better understanding of breast cancer and its potential causes. 

The HOW Study will track hundreds of thousands of women (and men) over time to learn what causes breast cancer, and how to prevent it. HOW will also study long-term breast cancer survivors in order to get a better understanding of how they are beating the odds. This is the first time a study of this size and magnitude is collecting data entirely online. We are excited by this approach because it will allow us to ask every question any of us (including you) ever wanted answered. We believe this is the first study that will allow the participants to submit questions they want studied, and we are eager to hear what you want us to do!

Once you sign up to become a member of the HOW Study, you will receive periodic questionnaires that will ask questions about different health and exposure topics. Each new questionnaire will be released in a "Call to Action" email and will address a specific topic, such as reproductive health, cancer history (for those with breast cancer), environmental exposures, and much, much more. Each questionnaire should take about 60-90 minutes to fill out, and you will get a new one every three to four months.

This is a partnership, and we need you for the long haul. The more questionnaires you fill out, the more information we will have that can help us have a better understanding of why women get breast cancer."

Click here to join the HOW Study or find out more.


Auburn: Study for Patients With Hormone Receptor-Positive Advanced Breast Cancer
Update: The enrollment period for the FALCON trial has now ended.

Maine Research Associates in Auburn enrolled eligible women in FALCON, a Phase III study which will involve approximately 600 postmenopausal patients with hormone receptor-positive locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer who have not previously been treated with any hormonal therapy.

The study, which is taking place at Maine Research Associates, is part of a global clinical trial through MedImmune Specialty Care Division of AstraZeneca.

Maine Research Associates, along with more than 100 other global clinical trial sites,  enrolled patients that are eligible to participate based on the following requirements:

· Female

· Postmenopausal

· Have hormone receptor-positive locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer

· Have not received prior hormonal therapy

For more information about the trial (NCT01602380), please contact 207-782-9835 at Maine Research Associates.

Click here to download a flyer.


Support Maine Breast Cancer Coalition by Donating Your Returnable Bottles and Cans

Now there is a new way to show your support for the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition! Donate your returnable bottles and cans to us through the Hannaford Community Cash program.

What is CLYNK? It is a bottle redemption system run by a Maine recycling company offered only in Hannaford supermarkets. Their mission is to make recycling easier for customers and at the same time, have a very educational and environmental focus.

It's easy as 1-2-3 to take part! Click here to find out how. Visit the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition CLYNK fundraising page directly here.


Breast Cancer Freebies: Help for the body, soul, and pocketbook---when you need it most!
The Breast Cancer Freebies website provides information and links to many organizations "whose mission it is to make the breast cancer journey a little easier and take the burden off your wallet with free wigs, hats, make-up, house cleaning, transportation, and more."


One Million Women :: One Research Goal :: One Revolutionary Opportunity
It's been seven years since the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and the Avon Foundation launched the Love/Avon Army of Women, a groundbreaking initiative that partners women with breast cancer researchers to find the key to what causes breast cancer and take science beyond a cure to prevention.

Women have taken personal action to raise millions of dollars by walking, running, and donating to the fight against breast cancer. These dollars have helped advance breast cancer treatment and move us closer to a cure. But there is still no prevention. Now the Love/Avon Army of Women offers a singular new opportunity -- a simple but revolutionary call to action for one million healthy women of all ages and ethnicities to join the “Army” and be available to take part in the research that will help scientists understand the causes of breast cancer—and how to end it once and for all.

The unique impact of the Love/Avon Army of Women is that it serves as an online resource providing researchers much-needed and unprecedented, timely access to healthy women -- a critical component to prevention research. At the same time, the program offers women the opportunity to play a significant, direct role in helping eradicate breast cancer. Virtually all women not currently undergoing breast cancer treatment, including healthy women, breast cancer survivors, and women who are high risk for developing breast cancer, can enroll in the Love/Avon Army of Women online at, providing basic information and indicating their willingness to consider participation in future research studies.

Click here to download an Army of Women brochure.


Breast Cancer Deadline 2020: To Know How to End Breast Cancer by January 1, 2020
The National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) has a unique history and an unmatched record of accomplishment in breast cancer. Since NBCC’s inception in 1991, the organization’s mission has been to end breast cancer. Now, NBCC has set a deadline: Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® – to know how to end breast cancer by January 1, 2020.

According to NBCC, “These are not just words; we have a strategic plan to get there. While the vast majority of resources are focused on finding the next treatment, NBCC is doing something very different. We are bringing together unprecedented collaborations among scientists, visionaries, and advocates to catalyze, plan and implement work in two major areas: how to prevent metastasis to save lives and how to prevent the development of breast cancer.”

To find out more about Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® and the National Breast Cancer Coalition go to


The PINK Album: Great music for a great cause!
The Pink Album is is an exclusive,  professionally produced 2-CD collection of contemporary music by 27 of Maine's leading female singer/songwriters to benefit the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition Support Service Fund. These remarkable performers have donated their considerable talents in support of the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition. Nearly two hours of great music!

To purchase: This double CD set is available for only $19.99 at all Bull Moose Music locations statewide. It can also be ordered from Maine Breast Cancer Coalition directly. Download the order form here.

All proceeds benefit the Support Service Fund. With your purchase, you make a difference in the lives of Maine residents in need!

For more information and updates, visit The PINK Album website at  and The PINK Album Facebook page often! 


Study to Examine Videoconferencing Use for Rural Breast Cancer Survivors with Chemotherapy-Related Memory Problems
The following is a press release by the EMMC Clinical Research Center and the Lafayette Family Cancer Center.

Bangor--Research investigators at Eastern Maine Medical Center and the University of Maine have received a grant from the National Cancer Institute and Office of Research on Women’s Health to evaluate the effectiveness of a cognitive-behavioral therapy CBT) for rural breast cancer survivors with memory problems caused by chemotherapy. Because rural cancer survivors often have to travel long distances for follow-up care after cancer treatment, this research will study the effectiveness of using videoconference technology to reduce travel.

Cognitive-behavioral therapies, or CBTs, are usually short-term, non-drug behavioral programs aimed at improving symptoms and overall health function. Memory problems following chemotherapy, sometimes called “chemo-fog” can occur in about 25-40% of cancer survivors and can be long term. To date, there are no well established treatments. However, one program, called “Memory and Attention Adaptation Training” or “MAAT” has been developed and previous research suggests MAAT helps cancer survivors better manage treatment-related memory problems. The question is will MAAT be effective if the behavioral treatment is done through a video monitor with sound versus being face to face with a clinician.

The title of the project is “Videoconference CBT for Rural Breast Cancer Survivors with Cognitive Complaints” and the principal investigator is Dr. Robert J. Ferguson, a clinical health psychologist with Eastern Maine Medical Center and the Lafayette Family Cancer Center. He is also the author of MAAT. The co-principal investigator is Dr. Sandra Sigmon, Professor of Psychology at the University of Maine.

The researchers are seeking adult breast cancer survivors with chemotherapy-related memory problems and who have completed chemotherapy at least 6 months prior to entering the study. There is no limit as to how long they have had memory complaints after chemotherapy, months or years. Individuals with other neurological problems such as stroke, brain injury or severe psychiatric illness will not be eligible. Interested individuals can call a toll free number at 1-855-973-7322 to see if they would qualify for the study.

Maine Specialty License Plate Benefits Breast Cancer Services, Including the MBCC Support Service Fund
Do you have your Maine Breast Cancer Specialty license plate yet? The proceeds from this specialty plate help support breast cancer education, research, and patient support here in Maine.

The proceeds are split equally between three beneficiaries: the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition for our Support Service Fund; the Maine Cancer Foundation for their Women's Cancer Research Fund; Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program for their mammogram fund.

The plates are available from BMV branch offices and most town offices. For more information go to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles Specialty Plate page at or call the Registration Unit at 207-624-9000, Extension 52149.

Mothers and Daughters Sought for Breast Cancer Study
Mothers and daughters are being sought for a study being conducted by a student through the Schreyer Honors College at the Pennsylvania State University. This study is being conducted for research purposes.

Mothers are eligible if they have previously been or are currently undergoing breast cancer treatment. Their daughters are eligible if, at the time of the breast cancer diagnosis, the daughter’s main place of residence was not in the mother’s home. This may include, but is not limited to: a daughter away at college, living with another family member, or living in her own home.

Please note it is asked that both mother and daughter decide to participate in this study. Daughters must currently be 18 years of age or older.

If eligible, mothers and daughters will be asked to take part in separate surveys, with follow up interviews being optional. If you and your mother or daughter meet these requirements and are interested, please contact the student conducting the study from the information below:

For more information click here or contact Taryn Noll at or 215-595-4120.

207-945-0008 or 1-800-928-2644

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